Report from the road! And random thoughts about Soundwave.

Well here I am in Adelaide, in a Korean internet “cafe” (I think it counts as a cafe because there’s a shelf with things that I think are food) that has the heating turned up to around about 1000. There’s a guy who sounds like a huge douche talking to his “sweetheart” in Asia and talking to some other guy about how bad the drug situation in South Australia is now. I think he’s a dealer. Good times! Also, the person who last used this computer was having a video chat with people called Dominator, gaylove, LoveSlave and Master. Hmm… My accommodation is awesome, I think I counted about 4 holes in the walls and ceiling, not to mention the holes in the bedding, the windows don’t open because of the curtain rail, someone had a crack at peeling off the window tinting (I thought about it too, purple is a little dated) but then gave up, the noise level on Saturday night could best be described as “cataclysmic”, and it gets to the aforementioned 1000 degrees if you leave the air con off for 30 mins. But it is cheap, the location is awesome, the bed is comfy, the TV works, the shower is crazy good, and I actually really enjoy the place.

I’ll give you my random thoughts about Adelaide in a future post, but first I think I should talk about the Soundwave experience! It was a massive, massive 2 days, I nearly went to sleep a couple of times at yesterday’s show, but here’s my random observations. Apologies to any metalheads reading this, I’m sure you’re the exception to the rule.

  • Metalheads are stupid. Special mention to the guy in Melbourne wearing the ruffled long sleeve satin purple shirt, black waistcoat, heavy black dress pants, huge black boots, a top hat (yes) and carrying a walking stick (yes again). On a 36 degree day. Now that’s dedication to a look.
  • You can generally tell which bands people are going to see based on their physique and the size of their clothes. Skinny with small tshirts? You’re there to see the punk bands. Well, at least I was. Fat, hairy and wearing loose clothes? You’re either heading from the metal stage to the food, or from the food to the metal stage. Buff and shirtless? Have fun at Alice in Chains and NIN.
  • Jack’s Mannequin won Soundwave. Hands down. Incredible performances both days. I hadn’t really given the new record a chance as I thought the singles were over produced, but I just went out and bought it today. Andrew McMahon is one of the best performers I have seen. He puts his heart into the songs and gives so much to the audience. I literally cried in Melbourne at the end of “The Mixed Tape” when he (and the entire crowd) sang “this is my mix tape for her, it’s like I wrote, every note with my own fingers”. Shit, I’m getting goosebumps just writing it. If you haven’t heard this band, please check them out. Best pop band going around.
  • The best part of Soundwave is always the unexpected highlights. For me, these were Finch and I Am The Avalanche in Adelaide. I mainly saw Finch because they were playing in the only shade in the entire venue, but they were amazing. And I took the opportunity to see IATA in Adelaide as they didn’t really clash with anyone amazing, and they blew me away. They played to a small crowd but gave absolutely everything, and I even got to sing a line when Vinnie Caruana jumped into the crowd. Fantastic way to wrap up the festival.
  • Adelaide’s weather is stupid. It was way too hot all day, then at about 7:00 instantly became way too cold, and I shivered my way through the rest of the night.
  • Massive family sized pizza at 11pm after not having a proper meal for 2 days is an epic, EPIC win.
  • Adelaide Soundwave was better than Melbourne. The layout sucked a fair bit, but the queues for merch were about 3 deep all day and the wait times were about 10 minutes, where in Melbourne the queues were about 189 deep and the wait time was as long as you could be bothered before giving up and going to see a band. Adelaide was just more fun, plain and simple.
  • To the girl wearing big Dickies shorts with sweets tatooed all down her right arm who was watching Say Anything in Melbourne (I’m sure you read this blog) – I know you have a boyfriend, but I think I’m better looking than him so would you like to marry me?
  • To the tiny blonde girl watching Finch in Adelaide, if the above girl doesn’t work out, let’s talk. Although your boyfriend is better looking than me so I guess you’re an outside chance.
  • There was a guy in Adelaide who looked 100% like Landry from my favourite show, Friday Night Lights (you should watch that, by the way – 9:30 Friday night on Fox8). He was also smashed by about 3pm, so he was about as much of a douche as Landry but without the redeeming features. If Jack’s Mannequin won Soundwave, this guy lost Soundwave.
  • Sometimes stuff just works out. I planned to finish my Soundwave experience by seeing Nine Inch Nails play the last song of their set, “Hurt”, in Adelaide. I tried to sit through their set in Melbourne but I got bored and left. But in Adelaide I checked out Bayside (who were fun) then went straight from them to Stage 1 and saw the last half of a NIN song followed by, you guessed it, “Hurt”. It was teh absolute perfect way to finish the 2 days. Just brilliant.

So anyhoo, that was pretty long but yeah, that was my Soundwaves. Was good fun, really tiring, but I’m glad I did it. Hopfully it runs next year despite the parent company being placed into liquidation, and I’ll be able to do it again.

Also, the Tigers made the Grand Final. I fly back in to Melbourne at 4pm on Wednesday, just in time to catch game 1! Let’s all hope that brian Goorjian does what he’s best at – losing a Grand Final.

More updates in a couple of days. I’ll post pictures from Soundwave and stuff when I get home.

One thought on “Report from the road! And random thoughts about Soundwave.

  1. Sounds like you have had an awesome time in Adelaide!!! I’m glad it all worked out ok for you. Enjoy the flight home tomorrow and the game tomorrow night!

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