More interior decoration, Soundwave, Adelaide, Tigers, VIP Honda Odyssey

Have finished with the layout of one of the rooms I’m doing, and I’m very happy with it. New couch helps!

Have only started on the bedroom part, so far I have this and a bed.

I’ll be building my models on that desk, a little neater than how I was doing them before.

Tomorrow I’m off to Soundwave Melbourne. I’ve done a little timetable for myself, so I’ll be seeing the following bands:

11:50-12:15 – Mike Hererra

12:10-12:40 – House Vs Hurricane

12:20-1:00 – Silverstein

1:20 – 2:00 – Jack’s Mannequin

2:20-3:00 – Attack In Black

3:20-4:00 – Rival Schools or Moneen (I’ll see one in Adelaide & one in Melb)

4:20-500 – Minus The Bear (or maybe buy some merch, I’m not that stoked on this timeslot)

5:20-6:00 – Funeral For A Friend

6:05-7:00 – Billy Talent or Chiodos (same deal as Rival Schools/Moneen)

7:20-8:00 – Emery

8:20-9:00 – Alkaline Trio (yay)

9:00-10:00 – Nine Inch Nails (last hour of their set, hopefully I’ll see “Hurt”)

So yeah, that’ll be fun. The 36 degrees won’t, but I’m at undercover stages for most of the day so it should be fine. Then on Saturday I fly to Adelaide to do it all again. I’m in Adelaide til the 4th, so unless I get really bored and find an internet cafe (OK, that’s about a 95% chance) I’ll be offline til next Wednesday. Sorry, you’ll have to bore yourselves elsewhere.

The other good news is that the Tigers won game 1 of their Semi Final series last night against NZ by about eleventy million points. We’re looking very good to take the series in 2 games, with game 2 on tomorrow night in NZ, televised live into Australia at 5:30. As you can see above, I’ll be watching Alkaline Trio, but I’ll get it taped. If we win, Game 1 of the Grand final series in on March 4. Red yellow black back to back? We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, I got the Rival Schools record yesterday and it is fantastic. Buy it. Go to their myspace and check them out.

Now, in an effort to boost my flagging ratings (I’m just like Channel 9 without the manipulative conservatism) here’s a gratuitous picture of a gorgeous VIP Honda Odyssey wearing Weds Kranze wheels. Win.

See you next week kids. Wish me luck.

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