Responding by way of a post

Much more impressive than just a reply message! I received a message asking about what I was alluding to in my post from Tuesday. While I wasn’t sure that it was post worthy, I don’t have a whole lot else that is post worthy so this will do.

Without wanting to get overly melodramatic (as I do view this as kind of funny), I found out on Tuesday (and had it confirmed on Wednesday) that a former partner of mine believes that a person who made her take out a personal loan of $28,000 to cover his legal expenses from a divorce is a better partner than I am. That’s pretty awesome. Why do I find that funny? I’m a glutton for punishment…

But anyway, that’s boring. What’s interesting is I’ve started taking baby steps on the final stages on the Silvia project. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the first (and biggest) piece of the puzzle underway in the next couple of weeks. Once that is done, I may be seeing if I can fit 18×10 +4 wheels on the car. Break out the love grease – it is going to be needed…

Finally, a comment on the economic downturn. Car dealers in Australia are struggling. No one wants to buy new cars. While it could be argued (by me, probably) that if they stopped building junk like Falcodores they might sell some stuff, I think I have found the actual answer. Presentation. The fluttery multi coloured plastic flags flying above car yards are old hat. What they need to do is (unsurprisingly) take a lead from Japan. Who could resist a Suzuki Swift with pink & white flower things above it, flowers behind it and tinsel on the bonnet? Come on Australia. Lift your game.

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