Cappuccino anyone?

The Suzuki Cappuccino is, along with the Toyota Starlet GT, the most underappreciated import in Australia. It isn’t hard to understand why, what with the tedious “bigger is better, needs more power” mentaility of car enthusiasts in this country. But the fact remains that the little Cappy is a brilliant package. RWD, a kerb weight that doubles when you get in it, and sexy, slightly hilarious styling makes it just a cool car. Then when you add a 660cc 3cyl turbo motor that can actually bless the car with a good power to weight ratio when modified, you have a complete package.

They don’t actually need much more than a nice set of wheels to look good, as this example sitting on SSR meshies shows.

Once you add a subtle kit and lower them, of course, they just start looking cooler.

Other than a Commodore, I doubt there’s a car in the world that doesn’t look good with Watanabes. This Cappy is possibly the toughest looking one I’ve seen, due in no small part to the wheels. Of course, the ride height, body mods and cage don’t hurt.

This little example with just about everything done shows just how great they can look with the right comination of parts. VIP style wheels don’t even look out of place on them! Evo cooler helps too.

Of course, being Japan, there’s always someone who goes that one step further. I can’t quite work out the sort of person who comes up with the idea of a complete front conversion to create a 240Zedderccino, but in my humblest of humble opinions it looks sensational! Add the Watanabes from the silver car above and you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler car.

Of course, it isn’t done right all the time. What do you get when someone wants a Supra that is cheap to run and register? The Supraccino!

Note – I’ve finally worked out how to make the images clickable (you press the “link to image” button – who would have thought?) so you can click on any of the above to view them in full size. Enjoy.

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