Life Dunk

That title could mean so many different things. Like great art, it is something different to each person who reads it. A great move in basketball? Maybe. A description of a life currently spending time in the toilet? Maybe that as well. The name of a Honda kei van? Well, now that you mention it, yes.

I don’t have an interesting idea for this post, but since I’ll be out at the Dr Drift charity dyno night tomorry checking out cars, taking photos, catching up with Sam for the first time in almost forever and helping to raise money for the bushfire appeal, I thought I should check in. And the Tigers won again – 9 wins from our last 10 games, and we did it tonight without Chris Anstey – so that’s at least worth a mention.

And if that wasn’t enough high quality blogging for you (of course it was, but I feel obliged to advertise Grant’s site anyway) go visit Lord Of The Finns. Damn ingrates.

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