Yeah so the Bluebird thing didn’t end up happening. I stand by my position that cars should be designed to work without electricity. Anyway, it has caused me to re-evaluate the whole thing and work out if I can actually pull it off, what with my abject lack of mechanical skill and my motivation levels that, when things go wrong, are somewhat inadequate.

I think I will persevere, but I might relocate the car to make it easier to get to. Although that brings with it all sorts of problems as well. All will be revealed in the fullness of time I guess.

Otherwise things are slow at Garage Dusty. The biggest excitement is that I’m changing the oil in my Galant this weekend. And although I’m sure you’re thinking “he’s playing it down, I’m sure he has heaps on this weekend and he’s going to emerge on Monday with some amazing new project to show the world”, nope, changing the oil. And now you’re thinking “well I bet he has heaps of non car-related things on, and will be busy all weekend anyway, Tim’s life is amazing”, well nope, changing the oil. I’m not sure at this stage what I’ll do to fill the other 47.5 hours of the weekend but I’m sure I’ll find something. Does reluctantly lying on the couch count as something?

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