My Bluebird fired into life today! Amazing what a $55 carby and some help from the ever-helpful Stewart at 3P Auto can do. This is a car I bought a fair while ago for $250 with the idea to use it as a club car runing in standard over 1800cc class. The plan was always for it to be a budget thing, the less money spent the better. Hence standard class. So far I think the bill would be about $500 including the cost of the car, and now we are ready to go!

The plan is to run it on Sunday in a khanacross, so we will see how we go with that. I still need 2 new (well, retread or second hand) tyres, as a quick paddock run tonight revealed miles and miles of under under…

No pics here (a used carby from a wrecker isn’t all that visually exciting) but some pics will be coming through the week as the car is readied for the weekend! Good times.

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