White Goods: Andrew’s JZX100 & Brad’s MX83

White Toyota sedans. Not as boring as their reputation suggests, perhaps.

Andrew’s JZX100 isn’t your average fridge. I mean, how many fridges have 19×9 & 19×10 Weds Kranze LXZs? Maybe those fancy stainless steel ones with internet access. But other than them? Yeah. Not many. And they’re stupid anyway. I mean seriously, fridges don’t need the internet.

Not to be outdone, Brad’s MX83 is rolling on a big ole’ set of Rays Victrix 18s in a custom blue that matches his interior and your grandma’s hair.


“I’ll call you Stitchface”. By the way, in case you were wondering that’s how you do fitment.

The unknown front lip and genuine Tom’s skirts teamed with the LXZs and slammage give the car ridiculous presence.

Sometimes special people skank in the background of my photos. I assume that happens to everyone.

Brad’s MX83 is “snug”. It actually scrubs on the rear inner guard it’s so low. Wouldn’t have it any other way though.

“Designed by Weds”. They did a damn good job too – probably my all time favourite wheels.

The 19x10s fill the guards perfectly. It’s not over the top, but there’s no missing it on the road. Driving behind the car all you see is the chrome lips of the rims peeking out from inside the guards, past the stretched sidewalls of the 225/35s.

Brad’s car has a presence all of its own, too. For what is still a mechanically stock daily, this car does its share of neck snapping. It’s all about ride height and fitment. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

You can’t teach style. The car has the punch to back it up too – it’s a manual, firstly, and has all the basic mods sorted. The cooler, exhaust, coilovers etc are all top notch done-in-Japan parts.

Just an average day out in Ballarat…

Yeah, Toyota sedans are reeeeaaal boring….

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