Wait, What?: I worked on the Silvia

Gloves mean I’m a pro.

Haven’t done a post on this car for a while, solely because I just haven’t been working on it. I could fill a blog post with reasons and excuses as to why (in fact I might do that at some point), but for the time being I’ll just go through what I’ve done, what I still have to do, and why I’m doing it (ie pictures).

Today I picked up a new battery (wanna finish off a half dead one? Connect the charger backwards…), then worked on setting the rear camber & toe. I think I now have it where I need it, or at least close enough to work til I have it properly aligned. If I can find someone willing to do it and not lecture me about having too much negative camber. I know I do, you don’t have to tell me. Hypothetical jerk.

Note the guardian Sydney Swans teddy bear. He was given to me by my friend’s 5 year old girl as a birthday present this year. She told me his job was to look after my car, so that’s what he’s doing. And doing a great job of it too. As an aside the first time she saw my Silvia, before she turned 2, she just walked outside and stood in the driveway in front of the car saying “ooo! ooo! ooo!”, pointing and jumping up & down. Loves it.

Still to go? Front wheel alignment, including either adding camber or shortening the adjustable LCAs to get some clearance (as you can see it’s a bit tight!). I also have to fix the brakes, as they have completely lost pressure. Tipping a dead master cylinder. There’s still some wiring to do, as the speedo has stopped and I need to install water temp, oil temp and oil pressure gauges. There are still a few more bits & pieces too.

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon standing on top of Garage Dusty trying not to fall to my death.

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3 thoughts on “Wait, What?: I worked on the Silvia

  1. i want your silvia. if i win lotto im buying it off you for a decent sum (and ill drive it too 😛 )

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