The Whitening Begins: Painting the 86

Since I bought the car and announced the plans I’ve had a few people saying they want it to stay yellow. Here’s an example of why it has to be painted:

In one photo this poor car’s life is summed up. It started a sort of beige/brown/copper colour. Then it looks like someone painted it electric blue. Then someone obviously wanted to be a hektik drifter and painted it matt black. Then someone wanted to be Leighton Fine and painted it yellow. And all the paintjobs have been done so well that you can see them all at the one time, on the one panel…

Masking really isn’t that fun. I had intended to do inside the doors as well, but sadly I couldn’t get them off. I know, lame. So I just did inside the hatch.

And here’s how the hatch itself came up.

For someone who has literally never painted with a gun before, I think I did pretty good. Which is a bonus, because I have to paint the entire inside of the damn thing…

And the car.

You can see the improvement. Hopefully, through doing this job properly, the car sort of gets a fresh start.

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