The Home Stretch: Another 86 update

So this happened this week:


And with that, the 86 exists. Delivery in 32 days at the worst…


The subtle “wheels, springs and exhaust” build has turned into something a little more, well, extensive over the last few months. Last weekend I made my final parts order for the car and they’ve already started to roll in. How cool is the Work Wheels garage banner?


Along with the banner I grabbed a couple of these badges. One for the Silvia and one for the 86. I’m proud to run Work wheels – I remember growing up in the scene and thinking that Works were the mark of a legitimate car. They are, in my eyes, the quintessential Japanese wheel.


I grabbed a couple of these ones too because they were cheap. They might find their way onto the cars and they might not. We’ll see. How nice is the little presentation box though?


The 86 doesn’t come with a centre armrest, and lately I’ve been noticing that I use the one in the Galant a lot so I decided I should grab one. This one is clearly the nicest and most “OEM” of the aftermarket options and is even nicer than the factory Toyota GB version. These were commissioned by a Toyota dealership in Japan – Aichi Toyota to be exact – in response to requests from their customers. Workmanship is beautiful and it adds another nice unique touch to an interior that will be fairly bespoke once everything is fitted.


I realised that I hadn’t ordered HID high beams, so I ordered HID high beams. I think all up now aside from the LED brake lights there might be 4 or 5 globes in the whole car that I’m not replacing. And I’ll replace those if I can…


I’ve often let myself down by cheaping out on some parts in my builds, I think. Determined not to do that this time, I spent $28 on valve caps… :-/


I was super bummed when I found out the 86 GT doesn’t come with the cool red stitched interior trim pieces. So I bought some. Who needs a stinkin’ GTS?


When I was going through my parts I found a box and wondered to myself “what the hell is that?”. Turned out it was these carbon tail light garnishes that I had totally forgotten about buying. I think that means I have enough parts now…

So that’s about it. I have a new black TRD spoiler on the way (sold the white one instead of getting it painted), a pair of replacement speakers for the rear and a set of wheel nuts still on the way but that’s all until the car arrives. Now it’s just about getting ol’ Garage Dusty ready for the arrival of the car, building a couple of 86 models (an Aoshima display model and a Tamiya R/C shell – pics to come) and waiting for my money to grow back before I have to actually pay for the thing.

I’m pretty excited now and hopefully you guys are keen too. It’s not often that you get to do what is essentially a full build on a brand new car. Once in a lifetime probably. Stay tuned for a post avalanche.

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