The Eye Of The Storm: WTAC show & shine


We actually saw this GS300 on the street on the Thursday before the event. True street-driven VIP.


He ain’t even kidding…


While we’re on the topic of VIP, can vanning just catch on in Australia already? Jeez.


What the hell is not to like about this? The thing is perfect.


Should be more of it.


Sometimes cars are just so out there and one-of-a-kind that they just work regardless of anything else. This car was stupid low with mildly sunken fitment on XXRs but was still just cool. And in this photo the macro lans makes it look like an RC car, so there’s that too.


My favourite model Soarer….


….on my favourite wheels. Yep, that’ll get you on the site.


There was something seriously battle-hardened about the way this Sileighty looked.


Slammed Civic on steelies. Don’t be surprised if this car pops up in an encyclopedia under “USDM”.


This photo has a stretched tyre and a Chuck Taylor so it is a good photo.


Speaking of USDM, if you had told me 2 years ago that I would one day be seeing California plates at a Japanese car show and liking it I would have laughed right in your stupid face. But here we are.


The car they were attached to was pretty on point too, BTW.


Slightly rugged, slammed Cali-style Beetle in the foreground, fancy mega-$ black Benz blurred out in the background. Just in case you weren’t aware of my world view as it relates to cars.


“What do you mean officer, I can totally fit a can under it! Look!”


This car was pretty close to AE86 perfection. White/black theme, Longchamps….

….TRD lip secured with zip ties….


….and a sneaky little 20v 4A-GE under the bonnet. I take my hat off to you, sir.

I do have a few action shots from the event I want to post, but bad health has held me back a bit. I’ll get them together for you though kids, hang in there with me.

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