Step By Step: Oooo babyyyy…

For the first time since it got attacked by wildlife, the Galant is straight! But there is a lot more awesomeness than that going on today.


The facelift bonnet has been completely repaired and is now 107.8% straight. It was a real craftsman job to repair the hail damage on this – super impressive stuff.


Also on the “repaired and ready to go” list is the new bumper. Perfect parts look so nice and straight in primer, hey?


All 4 door jambs are done – coloured and clear coated and sexy.


And the doors are painted and hung. Beautiful!


And the biggest step of all – the whole rear has been painted. The inside of the bootlid and the lip are clear coated, while the parts under the tail lights and bumper have just been base coated. Just like factory. While this isn’t a bare-metal, back to a shell respray we’re not taking shortcuts on the car. Everything we are doing is being done right.

So that’s where we’re at with the car! But the fun doesn’t stop there today.


My new brake package arrived, thanks to Trev (hipsi on Can’t wait to have brakes again! Will stop better than ever.


And then there was this. Boxes with stickers like this are always exciting… What might we have here?

The finishing touch for my car! D-Tecknik style fog light covers finished in genuine carbon fibre courtesy of Noel at renowned 8G Galant workshop So-Cal Autowerks.  Seriously cannot wait to see these on the car, fitted up with some new fogs…

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