Rob’s Silvia: I hate to say I told you so

Amazing what several acres of low and some fitment will do.

This was the first time the car had seen sun since Winton in December.

If you remember the car from my coverage of that event, you’ll notice that there’s been plenty of changes. The Uras kit is from my Silvia (looking better here than it ever did on mine), the suspension is now brand new ISCs to get the required amount of low (I’ll show you the old Cuscos in a future post about another car…), and the wheels are SSR Gartmiers that finish the early-2000s style perfectly.

Sizes are 18×10 +13 at the rear, 18×9 -12 at the front after fitting 25mm spacers. Rear tyres are 255/35, fronts currently 225/40. The rear guards have only been roughly done at this stage, and now that the wheels are on they’ll be finished off to match.

In case you were wondering, everything scrubs at the moment!

Any lower and you’d have to paint it yellow and put it to work as a bulldozer.

Trashed paint makes it easier to clean.

And that’s only stage 1.

4 thoughts on “Rob’s Silvia: I hate to say I told you so

  1. nice! its rough and dirty and i love it. i wouldnt change a thing, bar gettin it rolling with minimal scrubbage

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