Random Japan: Osaka Auto Messe 2012

One day I’ll get to one of these shows.

The new 86 is beyond exciting. Here’s Rays’ effort with it.

Bright body/bright wheels always looks good on drift cars. Shame every drift car in Australia is black.

Classic VIP. Perfect.

The JZZ30 is such an overlooked chassis in Australia. It just looks better and better with age.

The SuperMade S15 gets more insane every time I see it. God I love this company.

Simply clean.

More SuperMade. This colour scheme will never get old. I hope.

Tired of getting stone chips on your Alphard? Here’s your solution.

*sigh* There’s always one….

Does anyone have a list of shows/meetings etc in Japan for 2012 they could link me to? In particular November? Just cos…..

Photos found at photozou.jp, BTW.

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