Pure Gold: The world’s best Nissan Cima?

Seeing something like this across a parking lot is one of the most surreal feelings I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. At Sugo All Genre Meeting, the best car show I’ve ever been to, the most impressive car wasn’t in the show at all.

If you’ve read the comments on pictures posted by any of the “stance” pages on facebook you’ve heard it all before. Too much camber. Too low. Too impractical. Stupid. Pointless. I guess some people just don’t get it.

You see, this car is all those things. But none of it matters. To appreciate a car like this you have to throw away your ideas of what a car is. This Cima isn’t transport anymore. Nor is it built with any consideration for performance. It’s a work of art – an expression of individuality. It’s not going to get you from A-B if there are any potholes or speedhumps on the road between those two points, but if you’re expecting it to you’ve missed the point. The Mona Lisa is pretty rubbish at transporting people too, but no one seems to mind.

And while we’re on that point, before you criticise a car like this for being useless, consider how handy your stripped, unregistered track car is for picking up the groceries…

There are plenty of VIP cars that share the same low & wide philosophy as this Cima, but there’s something in this car that makes it stand apart. I think it’s the combination of the outrageous – just look at those wheels – and the subtle that makes this a fascinating piece of work. And that workmanship. When you realise that just about everything you’re looking at is hand crafted you see what a labour of love this car must have been.

Not a fisheye lens photo. That Aristo would probably look out of this world if it was on its own. Sadly it’s getting a little overshadowed here.

One of the coolest fusas I’ve ever seen too!

The most amazing part of the car was definitely the rear fenders. You don’t just go out and buy this stuff off the shelf. All of this is hand built. Look at the way the door flows into the fender, which then flows into the bumper. The fit and finish is better than factory, and all the standard body lines and chrome trims have been retained to give it that completely-off-the-planet-but-subtle VIP look.

In case anyone was going to suggest that this is a trailer queen, that’s rubber in the dish from the tyre scrubbing the fender on the way to the event. Note how the squared off section on the fender lip has been retained to make the flare look stock. Well, you know, stock-inspired maybe.

Pure perfection. Not much more can be said.


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