Progress: The AE86 gets serious

What was meant to be a simple Summer freshen up for the AE86 has taken on a bit more substance as I’ve been going along…

Here’s the stack of parts that were ready to go in a week or 2 back. The cams you’ve seen, but also here are some adjustable cam gears from Ultrex along with a lightened crank pulley, underdrive water pump pulley, stregthened outer tie rods, enlarged extra lock steering knuckles, adjustable lower control arms and adjustable tension control rods  – all from Techno Toy Tuning. All the suspension stuff, yet to go in, will hopefully really transform the way the car drives!

The cams in and sitting pretty.

The engine bay as it sits now, give or take a little. The water pump was the wrong one so had to come off, and I have a new one ready to go. The crank pulley is now on after some trimming of the cover (the keyway boss is much larger than stock for strength) and the timing belt has been on & off like 3 times as I kept doing it wrong.

While everything was apart I decided that my stock radiator was just awful and not up to the job. So in comes a new 52mm ASI one, along with 2 12″ thermo fans sourced from Dave at Autoparts Professionals.

Looks pretty pro hey? Hopefully this finally controls the temperature, and also ditching the clutch fan in favour of the thermos gives me a little more response and power. All will be revealed when it’s back together and tuned!

Huge thanks to Dave for helping me out with it. Hopefully we will be able to fire it up next week.

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