Painting the interior: 2 pack fumes are safe, right?

The final major cleanup job took a big step forward on the weekend.

I don’t know if this looks more like a jumping castle or a scene from Dexter. But jumping castles are ace as so I’m going with that.

The original beige/brown colour looks like something from 1983. For obvious reasons. Say goodbye to it (mostly).

Here’s where we stand now. All the floor in primer. I’m not doing the walls because the plastics will go back on them once they have been re-coloured in black. This weekend I’ll finish the floor off with 3-4 coats of white!

Things are really moving along now. I expect my AJPS order to arrive late this week, along with a harness from Nathan at Ascend Automotive (look them up on facebook – great dude, good parts and good prices), and I picked up a new fire extinguisher and overflow bottle from Autoparts Professionals tonight as well.  I hope to be able to get the car all back together by Sunday night with the new rear suspension setup in, and then start the process of getting it registered next week!

Exciting times.


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