Nostalgic Car Superstar: Tim’s ’77 Corona

Sometimes the key to standing out and catching the eye is seeing potential in a car where other people don’t. If that’s the case, then Tim has nailed it with his ’77 Corona build.

Bought as a stocker for a bargain price only 3 weeks ago, the car has enjoyed a rapid transformation from grandparent-spec to super cool.

This is a car that’s living proof that stance is all it takes to turn something from boring to showstopper.

Providing the stance is a set of Rota Alecias in 15×8 +0 front, 15×9 -10 rear. Tyres are 195/50 all round. Suspension is made up of 4 inch lowering blocks in the rear and “custom” front springs…

The body is so good that Tim didn’t want to butcher it by giving the guards a huge pull. With that in mind, the fitment is pretty much perfect.

The fender mirrors finish the theme off perfectly.

Something tells me the old girl will attract a crowd wherever she goes from now on…

  1. T-pot says:

    Nice man she come up good. I’m more happy how this looks then my cefiro at this point 🙂

  2. i love fleckno says:

    motor out the ceffy will b great

  3. Rob says:

    Awesome man! Come up really well.

  4. payam says:

    i had one of them , very nice car

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