Nearly There: The 86’s interior transformation

It’s a cool transformation too. Not an overblown, big budget one with no coherent storyline like the movies…

This has been a pretty big project, and we’re not quite done yet. As you can see, the entire floor has been treated to a few coats of fresh white paint. While I was at it, the seat was pulled apart and cleaned, and came up almost like new.

As my AJPS harness bar hasn’t arrived yet the new harness is just loosely mounted to the floor. It’ll be properly mounted soon. I have also added a fire extinguisher on the tunnel, next to the battery kill switch. The console has been painted and ziptied in place, and the handbrake lever has copped a coat of paint too.

The boot trims have also copped a couple of coats of satin black to tidy them up nicely (along with a few strategically placed zipties to fix cracks!). The door trims are next on the list – I’ll get some black vinyl colour and recolour them, then will hopefully replace the fabric with some Bride trim. I know I’m going overboard on what is just a club car, but hey, it’s what I do! I might even see my way clear to redoing the roof lining in a similar fashion yet…. The stock passenger seat has to go back in too, but I’m looking for ways to tidy it up a bit first. No doubt a Bride recliner will find its way in there at some point. Maybe once you buy my S13 coilovers that I’m selling. 😉

Everything you see here was done on a very small budget, with all the work done myself (with some help from my dear Mother!). I think with that in mind the results are pretty awesome. And I found $1.10 while doing it, which is a nice result!

Hardly anything left to do now. Will be driving it everywhere real soon.

Just as an aside, I know I’ve only be featuring this car lately. I have plans to shoot some features on some cars in the next few weeks, and I’ll also be at ADGP next weekend as the special guest of none other than the world famous Flecknology Racing, so you can expect some more variety coming soon!

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