Mmmmm…. Painty….: We have a red body


So here we are! Next to a mountain of masking paper, a red Galant VR-4.

You can really see why it’s called “copper red” in this shot. There’s a real hint of copper or gold when strong light picks up an edge. Note my clever (well I think it’s clever) power steering cooler mount…

And then in shadow, the colour looks burgundy.


The colour looks amazing on the exaggerated creases of the new bonnet too.

Anyway, as you can see it ain’t ready yet, although I hope you agree this is pretty awesome progress. The black will probably get shot tomorrow, then on Sunday, once it is nice and hard, everything will go back together. As it was a super comprehensive strip down, this’ll probably take all Sunday and I hope to get the car back around lunch time Monday. We are then going to wait a week or 2 before we cut it, just to make sure we’re leaving nothing to chance with regard to the hardness of the paint. It is a Ballarat Winter, after all. That probably means I won’t be able to fit the badges and stuff for a couple of weeks, and there will be some imperfections in the paint until it is done, but oh well. Take the good with the bad.

All in all, I think it’s coming up pretty wild.

2 thoughts on “Mmmmm…. Painty….: We have a red body

  1. When I had my bonnet repainted the painter said to wait a month before using any products on it.

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