Merch: Now available!

So these came out awesome…

First up is the watermark logo crew neck. It’s printed on Hanes and is super warm and comfy.

Next up is the baseball shirt on white/red. These are all printed on Anvil.

Also available on grey/black

And white/blue. The baseball shirts are all 3/4 length sleeve.

These ones were all pre-ordered, but when I return from Japan I’ll be looking to do another order. Prices will be 30% off the online store prices so it is worth waiting if you want something! Leave me a comment or email ygoslo7 (@) if you want something from that order. The online store, if you can’t wait, is

Remember I’m not doing these as a business enterprise – they’re as cheap as the site will allow me to sell them and if you order through me, I don’t make a cent of commission. Just doing them for fun. Hope you dig them!

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