Itasha: Christopher from Closure In Moscow’s Pokemon S-Cargo for sale!

Those of you who know me well know I’m a bit of a Closure In Moscow fan. I never knew that Christopher, the frontman, had something like this lurking in the shed though!

This little thing is pretty nuts. It was all done in Japan, which adds 100% to the cool factor of the car. Moon wheels, Pokemon graphics (actually airbrushed, not vinyl), white & yellow leather interior retrim – the works. Combine all that with a car that is weird enough stock and you have something that is a genuine “Only in Japan” proposition. The cool thing is it’s now in Melbourne!

Every panel has copped the airbrushing treatment.

I don’t know what’s lurking behind the windscreen there, but I’m intrigued.

Looking through the back there I reckon there’s some audio work gone into it as well…

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see the potential in this car. Slammed on a set of appropriately fat and colourful old wheels (I suggest yellow centred SSR Starsharks or Mk2s or similar) and with a high-rise bosozoku-style twin exhaust this would be a unique and absolutely hilarious showstopper.

The car is now for sale to finance the recording of the band’s new album. Check out the ad HERE if you’re interested! It’s at $6,500 which actually seems like a pretty good price to me!

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