In The Ghetto: Ghetto Garage Drifters at Winton

Ballarat based drift team Ghetto Garage Drifters might be new on the scene, but you’ll be seeing a lot of them in 2011. With cars that are finally catching up with the skills of the drivers, these guys will have some of the more “established” members of the Victorian drift scene looking in their rear view mirrors before too long.

Regulars will remember the feature I did on Tim’s Cefiro a little while back. If you missed it, catch up here.

On track, I was blown away by how perfectly the car sat in the corners. For a “trial and error” suspension setup put together in his shed it seems to work better than it has any right to.

Oh and by the way, that plate was a total fluke… He didn’t even realise until it arrived that it was perfect. The car’s a 1988 A31, if you were wondering…

Sporting around 230rwkw from its built RB20, the car performed strongly all day until it was cut down by a mystery fuel system issue. It seemed fairly minor though, and will no doubt be well and truly sorted come the start of season 2011.

I hope you’re feeling the orange wheels, by the way, because you’ll be seeing more of them…

With his 4th car in around 2 years, Rob finally seems to have found a keeper with his Silvia. Ignore how it looks at the moment, this is a pretty serious drift car.

As you can see from the pics it has no trouble serving up deep fried tyres. A 240kw forged SR20 attends to that task with ease.

After popping the GT2871R and the gearbox late in the day, Rob has big plans for the car over the next couple of months. If all goes to plan you’ll see it on track early next year with more power and more pretty.  I’ll try and run a few posts on the evolution of the car over the next couple of months. I’ve been given a bit of a heads up on what’s happening, and trust me – it’ll be worth watching.

The newest member of the group to hit the track is Mango in his R31. Last weekend was his first track day, and he took to it like a duck to water.

Basically stock aside from S13 coilovers and 16×8 -4 Superlights, this car has masses of potential. All it needs is enough power to hold 3rd gear and it’ll be perfect. With a turbo setup planned, local tyre stores had better start stocking up on 205/55 16s…

It looks a bit sexy too, don’t you think?

14 thoughts on “In The Ghetto: Ghetto Garage Drifters at Winton

  1. That R31 looks a little bit awesome. Not exactly what I think of when a Skyline comes to mind. The old school nissans can look damn good I think, and this is case and point.

    1. Looks great hey? Believe it or not it was matt black when he picked it up, and after a cut & polish it magically turned red!

    1. Had a look at your blog mate, I like your style. I think a couple of the boys are hoping to head to Tailem next year, if I tag along and see you there I’ll be sure to say hi!

  2. funny that as we started in 05 as well, you dont have to worrie about us trying to “steal” your website or buisness namer or any of that copy write shit as none of us are in it for that reason! we just a bunch of mates that love cars!
    good luck buddy, p.s im sure there are more than 2 ghetto garages out there.

    love all ways rob

  3. This drifting thing seams to be all the rage! Would u guys mind if I eat some fish and chips in the car while yous do your sliding stuff??? Not in the white 180 but that’s a little girly,

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