Getting Dirty: Nathan hits the BLCC autocross

Nathan’s new daily is a pretty angry Liberty RS turbo. It is pretty much the cleanest one ever. It didn’t deserve to get muddy but secretly I think it liked it.


It’s a hell of a comfortable way to go fast, this car.


It was his first time competing in the car, but when you hit the track you soon work out that there’s no point in taking it easy…


Although you’re meant to avoid the hats, Nath showed how much of a good bloke he is by selflessly smashing a few to allow me to snap a cool photo.


In all seriousness, this is a pretty seriously quick car and Nathan showed a hell of a lot of commitment (and a bit of talent) to steer it into the 67 second bracket on the day. Was awesome to watch. Clean but still aggressive.


DIRT TURBO! Oh wait…

Excuse the little excursion – this was the practice run. Next time out I’ll give Nath a few lessons on how to switch the GoPro on and we’ll get some better video.

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