Garage (Very) Dusty: BLCC Motorkhana


Still sporting the tyre shine and cuteness from the previous day’s photoshoot here. It didn’t last long.

If you’re not familiar with the motorkhana, it’s pretty simple. A bunch of cones, a map of how to get through them and a stopwatch.

Here I am generally making a spectacle of myself.

There are plenty of approaches to the sport, from very slow and careful to smooth and fast, but I tend to fall into the “press the throttle, steer and hope” category.

I probably over drive the car, to be honest, but it’s fun.

Years of watching drift have definitely influenced my style.

Weight-shift, rip the handbrake and stand on it…

It’s not how Garage Dusty got its name, but it is pretty fitting on days like these.

They’re not really what I have planned for the car (it likes things to be a bit more open and flowing) but for $20 motorkhanas are a pretty awesome way to learn the car and to just get out and have a bit of fun with it. A good day, all in all.

Thanks heaps to Tristin for taking the photos on the day. Excellent work.

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