Garage Dusty In Japan: Garage-One and the nicest people in Japan

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet – overloaded here the last couple of days! We’ve seen some amazing things but I had to fill you in on an experience from today that was probably our best in Japan so far.

Today, driving down a random road in Sendai, we found Garage-One.

When you’re rolling along the road and see something like this, you stop.

An amazing looking C35 Laurel tucking rim, and a show stopping R34 GT-T.

The C35, which Satoshi-San explained is his drift car, was amazingly low. The low stance combined with the awesome two-tone paint gave it serious presence.

The R34, though, was even wilder.

The car, which Satoshi-San called “my toy!”, is a rolling example of everything Garage-One can do for its customers. Custom paint, custom aero, custom lighting and much more.

That is genuinely perfect stance. Flush without being outrageous, and as low as it will go.

When Satoshi-San came to welcome us he offered to open the car. When he opened and raised the door he gave us a big smile and laugh and really, that’s what it’s all about. Having fun with your car. Sure, the vertical doors might not actually do anything functional, but they add another point of difference, look awesome and they are FUN. A great finishing touch to this wild car.

Speaking of finishing touches, he raised the boot to show us this. A crazy deck setup in the boot! It sounded great and again, gave us all (Satoshi-San included) a great laugh. Check out the video link below…


It wasn’t all about the Nissans either.

Also tucked in the corner was this perfect little kei van painted in the workshop’s colours, which seemed to be owned by the owner’s girlfriend. When we asked if we could buy some stickers she took us into the workshop and handed us a couple. When I went for my money she told me that they were a present. So generous!

I was over the moon when I showed them a photo of my Silvia and they were genuinely impressed and excited. That, for me, is the ultimate compliment.

It is truly humbling to be able to fly half way around the world and, in a combination of broken English and broken Japanese, be able to bond with incredibly friendly people over a mutual love of cars. Car culture is something special when it can break down barriers like that and give us all an experience we’ll never forget.

As I forgot my Garage Dusty stickers today we’ll be paying another visit tomorrow to try and repay the gift of stickers. I can’t wait.

I also can’t wait to get home and represent Garage-One on my Silvia. It’ll be an honour to do so!

Make sure you check out their website too.  We’re off to Sendai-Highland tomorrow. Hopefully I can update you tomorrow night on how that goes!

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