Galant: The gathering of bits

In an earlier post I talked about how I had a few things planned for the Galant. Allow me to elaborate on that…

As far as the exterior goes, I’ve picked up facelift model skirts, rear pods (which will need to be modified and may or may not fit) and a bonnet. The bonnet is heavily hail damaged, but it was free… I’m pretty confident it can be fixed.

And I’ve also picked up a facelift grille. Once all that’s painted and fitted I’ll throw my rubber front lip on too.

Now to the biggest upgrade, the interior:

From the same car (a 2000 model Legnum), I’ve grabbed a complete black/grey interior. There’s one tricky bit though.

The Legnum rear seat, being split/fold, is completely different. I have all the mounting hardware though, including the brackets that are welded to the Legnum floor, so with a little ingenuity we’ll have this in the car in a fortnight. As far as I know, it’ll be the first Galant in Australia with a Legnum rear seat!

I’m not stopping there either. Last night I ordered a new set of pedals, a gearknob and some Di-Noc carbon vinyl. I’ll also be getting a new head unit and steering wheel, and I may even fit some audio stuff I have lying around.

Pretty much a complete makeover, really! Like I’ve said before I’m shooting for an improved OEM style. The image I have in my head is of a “Ralliart Edition VR4” – sort of like a more grown up, more coherent, luxury sports counterpart to the (slightly silly IMO) Super VR4 that Mitsubishi did make. That probably sounds stupid, but whatever…

Massive thanks go to Chris from OzVR4 who sold me all the parts shown above and helped out way more than he had to. Cheers mate.

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