Galant: New roof spoiler

When I saw these on ebay I instantly knew I had to grab one.

The quality of this spoiler is so good it deserves a mention. The paint, which was done to order, is unbelievable. And it cost $105, shipped…

Probably the truest “bolt on” part I have ever bought. Came pre-painted, fitted with 3M adhesive, perfect size, and took 10 minutes to fit to the car.

Everything I do on this car is done with an OEM style in mind. Basically, I want all my mods to look like what Mitsubishi should have done to the car in the factory. It’s a more difficult style of modification than the “this’ll be funny” style that I employ on the Silvia and the Bluebird, but I think so far I’m getting it pretty right. And the subtlety of this spoiler enhances it further.

After I fitted the spoiler I cleaned the bejesus out of the car, so I couldn’t help but take advantage of the cleanliness and take a few extra pics.

So much planned for the car over the next month or so. Doing a few things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Should be fun!

6 thoughts on “Galant: New roof spoiler

  1. coming together real nice. the style appeals to people that know, and to joe avarage its “just another magna”

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