Galant: New induction

There’s a lot talked about the evils of pod filters in the Mitsubishi community (there’s also a lot talked about the evils of rims over 7.5″ wide, but we’ll ignore that) so I decided I might as well put the airbox I’ve had lying around to good use, replace the HKS Super Powerflow pod in the car, and see what all the fuss was about. Today my new filter arrived so I got to work:

Obligatory stuff picture.

I decided that the stock airbox, while obviously offering good insulation from heat, didn’t really have a big enough opening.  And if you find something you don’t like, you gotta do something about it…

So I chopped a hole with my shiny new hole saw kit and screwed some tubing into the bottom of the box.

Here you can see where the new cold air enters the airbox. Pretty much a perfect fit, if I do say so myself… The less said about me failing at using a holesaw and nearly chopping my thumb in half the better though.

Installed, this is where the snorkel sits. I re-fitted the foglight grille after taking the pic so it looks cleaner.

Whatever I do, it’s all about the stickers…

All finished and looking stock. Until I do the cooler piping. The car actually seemed to have a little more power on a very short test drive, but we’ll see. I’m not expecting anything earth shattering. I didn’t lose my induction noise or my stock BOV noise either, which I was happy about!

4 thoughts on “Galant: New induction

  1. looks good man, i might try this one myself…or make a new metal one to suit a RPW pod…whatever suits my fancy and budget at the time

      1. Picked it up from Autoparts Professionals in Ballarat, but it is just an Autotechnica/Monza product so Autobarn could get it in too. Around $25. I used a 76mm holesaw for the airbox. You could get away with anything up to about 80mm, but definitely no smaller than 76. As it is I had to screw the pipe into the box to get it to fit as the internal diameter of the pipe is meant to be 76mm. Very solid now though – no way it’ll come loose.

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