Fuelers Horsepower Extravaganza 2012: Japan attacks

Basically an old school/hot rod show, we injected a little variety to the Horsepower Extravaganza today.

Timmy’s Cefiro showed that even in a sea of big blocks the little 2 litre can still barbeque.

Yet to be properly featured here, Dave’s 626 has been a long time coming. It used to run a 20b, but now runs a small block Chev V8 with a couple of turbos hanging off the front and has no trouble making tyres second hand. Quickly.

I’m no V8 guy, but there is something a little intimidating about a car with more engine than engine bay. The fact that it isn’t a dirty old blower poking out helps me to get over the surplus cylinders too. Note the Meisters and Brembos, BTW… Pretty.

Tim’s Ceffy is one of my favourite cars. It is just so well executed.

Trailing tyre smoke after a successful pass. Now sporting a matched set of Work Meisters, this car has never looked better. Seeing a Japanese plate at a hot rod show warms the heart too!

What was I saying about special people in my photos last week?

Good hangs. Excited to do it all again in 5 days for Winton Matsuri.

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