Fuelers Horsepower Extravaganza 2012: Best in show

I’m completely uninterested in the flashy, big chrome wheeled, V8 show cars so prominent at events like Summernats. My attitude to them is the same as my attitude to their import equivalent – “sex-spec” cars. Pointless. I love cars that are evocative, though, and I think these are great examples of that.

Great art tells a story, true or otherwise. This ’52 F-Truck fits that bill.

While I’m sure that this truck isn’t really  from J. Neils Lumber Co in Klickitat, WA, the signwriting teamed with the distressed paintwork evokes a certain time & place.

It’s easy to cock up a build like this. Thankfully the owner of this truck nailed it.

This old satin blue Buick blew me away. If I was to build an old American car, this is the style I’d go with.

Again, this car evokes something when you look at it. It has a presence. To me, it’s cruising with a Gaslight Anthem song on a hot Summer’s night.

Perfect. Nothing new or out of place. The dice are such a great finishing touch too.

And for something completely different, this old Mazda hot-rod styled mini truck from Darkside Kustoms caught my eye. I loved the 50s detailing on this car. For some reason it works.

Nice little bit of detailing on the wheel tubs. The whole thing looked kind of punkabilly to me. Much better on a car than in my ears…

“My car isn’t low, Officer. It has gravity issues.”

Good little event, all in all. I hope it’s ready for my Silvia next year.

3 thoughts on “Fuelers Horsepower Extravaganza 2012: Best in show

  1. Wow i only just found the article great write up just to give you the heads up its my truck. 🙂


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