Culture Clash: Beetle Vs Corona

You’ve seen Tim’s Corona before on here, but Nathan’s Beetle is a new addition to the family.

The car is home-built and brilliantly executed. The goal for the build was to have a slammed, vintage-looking cruiser and as you’ll see here that’s been achieved.

Did I say slammed? It makes everything else on the road look like a 4wd.

You learn how to do 3 (or 8) point turns pretty quickly driving a car like this.

They’re different styles, sure, but these cars share a similar philosophy. Low and lazy.

The interior of the Beetle matches the theme perfectly. The guy placing the watermarks on these pictures could take a leaf out of Nathan’s book regarding attention to detail and quality…

The retrim is another thing that was done in-house (or in-shed…).

Roof racks are super handy when you find free stuff on your travels!

You might have been wondering about the puddle under the car. As you can see, it doubles as an esky.

Cool shot IMO.

Just for reasons of balance…

The Corona has fender mirrors. The Beetle has wheel mirrors!

The Corona still looks perfect. Coolest daily.

I did tell you it was low. The zero-camber nerds aren’t going to like it. No airbags here either – that’s how it sits all the time.

Ohh noo! I’m beached!

Shameless shop plug.

2 thoughts on “Culture Clash: Beetle Vs Corona

  1. Such a cool write up mate. And the pics to go along with it. Keep up the good work dude.
    Looking forward to the 2 white Toyota boys cars to make an appearance haha

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