Colour & Movement: Calder in detail

The first ever McQueen Motorsport drift practice day was held at Calder Park on Friday. I’ll have some action shots coming in the next few days, but for now I thought I’d throw up some shots that are a bit more representative of the atmosphere of the day than of the on-track action.


The Ghetto Garage boys emerging from the gloom of a wet, cold Calder Park morning (is there any other kind?).


Tim’s Cefiro in an introspective moment.


Beautiful Type X on Regamasters.


Drifting is serious business.


Hit And RP-F1.


This donut has purple on it. Purple is a fruit!


Puddles never looked so good.


Black, white & wet all over.


What is drift without a logo or 2?


I just liked this shot. Nothing more.

Go time.


More purple. Still a fruit.


There’s a theme becoming apparent here.


Yep, there were some cars on the track too. More of that coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Colour & Movement: Calder in detail

  1. Just mates getting together and having fun… This is the way drift should be!!
    Loving some of these shots Timmy good shit!!!

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