Australian Drift GP Round 1: Part 3 – Drift Possum makes an appearance!

This is Drift Possum. He was hanging in the engine bay of one of the Foolish Line cars pitted next to us. Drift Possum was awesome. Drift Possum has a theme song:

“Drift Possum’s cute and cuddly/Drift Possum lives in an S13” (You’ll only get that joke if you’re in regional Victoria I think)

Nigel doesn’t have the power of some of the “Horespower Heroes” from interstate, but he certainly makes the most of what’s there. Thank god for Federal Tyres sponsorship, hey?

Denzo sporting the prototypical wall scrape damage.

A section of Sunday’s healthy crowd.

Good old Stitchface at it again.

The event was all about riding the wall. Aside from Oran Park (kind of), Australia’s never seen anything like this.

It doesn’t just look good sitting in the pits…

I loved this shot for some reason. Maybe you hate it. Whatever.

The two most famous drift cars in Australia? Maybe. Luke Fink was a class above on Sunday, dominating the competition to take out a well deserved victory. It was great to see him with the fans during the pit walk too – posing for photos, signing autographs for kids and generally looking every bit like the face of the sport.

So that’s it til next year. Special thanks go to the organising team for allowing me the opportunity to be part of setting up on Friday – a hard day’s work but an awesome experience. Thanks guys.


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