Australian Drift GP Round 1: Part 1

Just for starters I need to put this out there: This was, hands down, the best drift event I’ve been to. From the track itself, to the safety team ensuring maximum flow above all else, to the battle scores being relayed to the crowd instantly, it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into this event. Congratulations to Andrew Hawkins, Amy Boatwright and the team.

Now, with that out of the way, an apology. My coverage isn’t a patch on that put together by others. I didn’t have a media pass, and was trying to do a million and one things all weekend. So with that in mind, this is just a collection of my favourite shots from the event. Nothing more, nothing less.

If there are better ways to spend a Saturday morning I don’t wanna know about them.

I made the statement on Sunday that Ender’s Silvia might be the best looking one in the world. I’m warming to the idea that it is. Stunning looking car.

Full disclosure: Chris Flecknoe is a friend of mine. Now with that said, my unbiased opinion is that he killed it on the weekend. The car was finished at 3am on Saturday morning (after blowing a motor Thursday morning) and ran well all weekend. Bravo to both Chris and Sam for getting it sorted. I think it might have been my numberplate on the front that did it though.

Low cars are low. I love this shot.

Ryan Cummings’ S13.5 is right up there with Ender’s S13 in the looks department. His Weds Kranze LXZs are just insane.

Perfect example of a wall kiss on Nigel’s 180SX. The car was looking as good as it ever has on the weekend.

Chris took the “Australian” part of the event’s name quite seriously. Either that or it just seemed like a funny idea. You decide.

Pinky’s S14 isn’t just low. It bakes tyres pretty hard too…

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