AE86: New plates, bits, and cleanliness

It’s been a week or so since I updated you on my progress, but things have been moving along nicely.

I had been looking around for some plates that had numbers that added up to 86. Then these showed up. I think I hit Buy It Now in world record time.

The more important purchases in the last 2 weeks have surrounded the rear suspension setup. As you can see, these are TRD adjustable shocks. They have 8 steps of adjustability and look like they’ll do the job just fine. I also have some lowered springs (also TRD, perhaps?) in what I think are 4kg/mm spring rates. Both came from Japanese Import Spares, who are great to deal with and come with the Garage Dusty Seal of Approvalā„¢! I also have a bunch more things on order from AJPS, and once they arrive the new setup will go in.

I have also picked up some window trims. On Wednesday I restored and installed them. Still need a couple of dobs of Sikaflex, but they have already transformed the way the car looks. Once the new bonnet is fixed and painted (next weekend) it’ll be visually complete! (for now…)

Last weekend I spent a few hours cleaning out the interior. It still needs work, but it’s pretty presentable now. On Wednesday I also installed some roof trims, a wiper switch, and my new genuine Bride rail to lower the seat. Now I fit! By the way, the seat is the genuine Zeta II that used to reside in my Silvia. I sold it to the guy I bought the 86 off. But not in that order. Or something. Confused, would we?

Starting to look pretty authentic, IMO…


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