AE86: A quick update

To cut a long story short, I didn’t make it to the event last weekend. There’s a gremlin in the cooling system and the car is still getting hot. Instead of risking damage I decided to pull out and get the car 100% before I run it again.

Good things, though, the car is all back together and, after a rough tune of the Microtech, running just fine. The idle provided by the HKS 264 cams is awesome.

Here’s a shot of the engine bay as it sits now. Unfortunately I do need to run a timing gear cover to stop rocks & dirt getting in there, so until I pick up a clear one my fancy cam gears are hidden. You can see the new pulleys, new leads, new radiator and new thermo fans here though. The fan wiring will be tidied up shortly. Next step is to pop the cam covers off again, sandblast them and repaint them. Just to clean things up a little more.

My clock cover was missing and the dash all manky and cracked around it, so yesterday I made up a little blanking plate for it. It’ll double as a GoPro mount too.

Here’s the new Garage Dusty sticker I have had made up. I think they look awesome. Leave me a message if you want one…

This idle brought to you by the letters H, K and S.

Unless the problems are more serious than expected, the car will be fixed up by the weekend. By the next event, a motorkhana on April 17, it’ll be 110% ready and firing. I’m also on the trail of some cool parts, all will be revealed if they come through…

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