86: The Rejuvenation

I love the idea of giving a car a new lease on life. I feel like that’s what we’re in the midst of here.

It’s always a tight fit at 3P Automotive. This is actually as clean as the shed has been in ages. 3P is where all the real Garage Dusty magic happens, and I have absolutely no hand in it.

Stewart has been working away on the car on and off for the last week and a bit between other jobs, sealing up the sunroof and removing the few spots of rust.

Everything’s off the car to make it easier to paint. The front guards have been rolled and pulled and a few braces and things have been put back in where they were missing. The driver’s side front guard is now – wait for it – bolted to something.

Thought it was probably time I showed you all the engine bay! The mighty 4A-GE. 🙂

I think it has enough camber. I dunno what drugs Cusco was on when they made these coilovers, but looking at the tops I’d guess I could add about another 3 degrees if I wanted to!!!

He’s kind of shy.

Car should be in primer early next week. I still have to track down a bonnet though!

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