Event: Primal Autumn Vibes

I don’t attend too many drift events anymore, but when my friends at Primal Garage put on a day I’ll always try to be there. It’s an absolute testament to Neil, David, Ryan and Billie (when he’s not racing his CRX) that they’re able to attract such a good group of cars and drivers to every event, and to create such a good atmosphere in doing so.

These are events that are centred around the drivers of nice cars. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the way it should be. And because everyone there tends to share the same philosophy there’s always a good community feel with no friction. All of the good parts of drifting and very few of the bad parts.

I’ve put together a bit of a gallery of shots, mainly from the paddock, that you can either find on Facebook or by clicking here.

If you’re on Facebook please be sure to like the Garage Dusty page and the Primal Garage and Primal Motor Club pages!

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