It has been a few years since I stepped away from gd. Recently, I’ve been encouraged to put it back together.

I’ve obviously been doing a lot of car things over the period I’ve been away from this site, and there’s plenty of content to be had in my garage, but to be honest I’m more interested in bringing together a community of people here – like minded, right minded people – and highlighting what they’re all doing.

You see, there’s so much dross on the car internet these days. Youtubers & Instagram hype beasts & all the rest. Brand builders. But scratch the surface and there are still people doing things for the right reasons. I want to try and curate a little corner of the internet that will encourage that, just in our little community here. If others like it, awesome. If they don’t at least we’ll have our car life captured for posterity.

So I will start, slowly, introducing my cars and the cars of the rest of the team. Exciting cars, all of them. From an exciting car team.

Let’s recapture something here.

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