YR-Advance BRZ & Tokyo Auto Salon


Seeing the YR-Advance BRZ at Tokyo Auto Salon was amazing. Not because it’s some crazy build or it’s internet famous or whatever – in fact it was the complete opposite. It was amazing because the car was a very similar spec to mine. The realisation that, with a couple of small tweaks, something I imagined and then created was probably good enough to play a small part in the world’s best car show (yeah, suck it SEMA, TAS wins) is pretty cool.

It is indicative of something that I’ve felt both times I’ve been to Japan – that the car culture isn’t cliquey and elitist like it is here. Perhaps it’s just because I own the flavour of the month car and there were 86s everywhere but amongst all the big dollar builds and wild things at TAS the show still felt inclusive. It felt like I was part of something as opposed to looking at something. 

I don’t even feel that way in Melbourne. We have a long way to go. 

Anyway I’m going through my photos and I hope to have lots to post for you (yes, BOTH of you!) to check out over the next few days.

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