86: Parts delivery #2

Another week, another lot of parts arriving for the 86. This time, 3 pieces direct from Japan.


First up, a little novelty item. I bought a Cusco antenna so that I can tell people that I have a Cusco antenna.


Secondly, a set of OEM Toyota Japan door handle grips. As far as I know these aren’t available from Toyota Australia, so it’s a cool little touch that should make the interior a bit more individual and should work in nicely with the red accents on the GT seats.


Finally, a genuine TRD boot spoiler pre-painted in Pegasus White. Check out how the lines on the side of the spoiler are exactly the same as the lines on the AE86 TRD N2 spoiler. So cool.


The first actual piece of my car, when you think about it…

I’ve ordered some more parts, but they might not arrive for a couple of weeks. I’ve decided on my strut braces, intake kit and exhaust, along with a couple more accessories. I’m still researching speakers, which will come soon, and no doubt a few other things will come up in the meantime.

Note: I’m trying to find a new image hosting service that’ll allow me to link directly to larger versions of my images like I used to. Photobucket has change so that I can’t do it there anymore. In the meantime, no big images. Sorry.

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