It’s Happening: The Ghetto Garage/Garage Dusty Super Fun Happy Trip to Japan!

Very occasionally, wild dreams become possibilities. Then, if you’re lucky, those possibilities turn into reality. So it was with this trip.

I’m headed to Japan with three of my best friends – the Ghetto Garage boys. But it isn’t your normal trip. See, last Thursday night we bought this:


So now we own an R33. It’s in Japan, waiting patiently for us to modify and drive it. Where in Japan, you ask? Ebisu Circuit…

Yeah, I’m going to Ebisu. To drive. Silly. The car is jointly owned by all of us, and we’ll all be driving. Rob’s entering G1, and the rest of us will just be having some fun in the week leading up to (and maybe during) the Autumn drift matsuri. It’s like the ultimate holiday. Except it doesn’t end there!

In the leadup we’ll be spending 3 nights in Tokyo and 4 at Sendai. And while in Sendai we’re attending events at Sendai Hi-Land and Sportsland Sugo.

So why am I telling you this, aside from my ridiculous excitement? Well, I realise how fortunate I am to be able to do this. Most people don’t have the chance – either through lack of funds, lack of time or lack of likeminded friends to accompany them. And I also realise that these sort of grassroots Japanese events are seldom covered on English speaking sites. So, in line with that realisation, I’ve made some purchases and I’m making some promises. I’ve bought a video camera and a netbook, which along with my still camera and GoPro will allow me to get some awesome content and (in the case of the photos) post it on the road. So, if you’d like to come along, I’m bringing you guys with me. I’ll be trying to convey some of the excitement, awe and general awesomeness of the Super Fun Happy Trip each day through my posts here.

It’s happening, and it’ll be amazing. Hope you can come along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “It’s Happening: The Ghetto Garage/Garage Dusty Super Fun Happy Trip to Japan!

  1. I AM JEALOUS! I haven’t done something like this because I lack funds, time, and like-minded companions. I’m glad it’s happening to you now. It’ll happen to me someday. I look forward to the pictures/videos. Good luck!

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