Yo, ygoslo: Where did you go?

Fear not, I’m still alive. The Galant is finished, visually, and I am stoked with it. So why no photos? My camera up & died! It’s OK though, I have bought a new (used) Olympus E-620 body that is on its way now, should arrive next week. It is an upgrade on the E-420 that died, so hopefully you can look forward to better images! I am also looking for a new fixed focal length lens, to mix things up a little. I’m learning a whole bunch about all sorts of technical jargon right now, hoping to make the right decision.

To tide you over, I have this beautiful shot of the car from Team Itazura. Thanks so much to those guys for the love and the amazing camera skills.



My camera still half works, so I am planning to snap a full feature of the car for the site this weekend. I think the weather should be good enough to give you guys a really good look at it. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Aside from that, there’s a massive month of car stuff coming up and now that I have a new camera on the way, you’ll see it all covered here. Hardtuned.net is staging a big meet on July 14, and I’ll be there in the Galant. Then on the 27th drift comes back to Calder, and with Garage Dusty alumni Rob Watson, Tim Paterson and Chris Flecknoe all entered that is going to be a massive day. Then 2 weekends later we’re off to Sydney again for the World Time Attack Challenge – hands down the biggest and best weekend of the year for import car enthusiasts.

Jammed  in amongst that will be the most serious mechanical work I’ve ever done on the VR-4. But more on that later. 😉

Car-life never stops.

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