It’s Back: The Galant nears completion

Well here we are. Basically done, aside from a cut & polish, the fog light covers/fog lights and badges.


Note the black roof – it worked even better than I hoped. Today was spent lowering the front by a few mm (it’s about 3-4mm above max low now), fitting 5mm spacers on the front (offsets are now +31 rear, +33 front) and cleaning it like crazy inside and out. It was about 5pm when I took this shot so I missed the best light of the day! Once it is all cut back and the missing parts are on there will be a full feature shoot, of course.

Have a look at that bonnet – it was so badly hail damaged I got it for free. Now it looks like this and there is precisely zero bog in it!

I’m over the moon with how this car has turned out. Looks proper.


Garage Dusty Represent!

4 thoughts on “It’s Back: The Galant nears completion

  1. hello,

    My name is Max and I am from holland.

    this car is a beauty, I like like it a lot.
    One of the nicest Galants I have ever seen.

    what are your wheel sizes?

    greets Max

    1. Hey Max, thanks so much! The wheels are 18×9 +38, but running 5mm spacers front & 7mm rear so +33 frnot, +31 rear. Tyres are 225/40.

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