Best laid plans: The Galant starts to come together

OK cool things are happening.

I have sourced doors, a facelift front bumper and facelift tail lights. I am picking them all up this weekend. Also picking up some aerosol Plasti-Dip paint for the wheels, badges and interior trim.

I am considering a pair of D-Technik fog light covers like on this car below:

Image found at

Highly likely that I will do these, as they will only cost slightly more than factory fogs and look way more aggressive. Especially with a couple of GD tricks…

I’m also looking to run a rubber lip on the bumper to continue the red/black theme and change things up a little over the factory setup.

And coolest of cool, on Saturday I’m picking up this:

A genuine Bride Brix driver’s seat! With some updating and fixing of trim and some swapping of parts this will finish my interior. And it’ll mean that all three GD cars will have Bride seats! Brand-whore…

Next week I will start on getting the mechanical issues sorted. Soon enough the car will look, go, stop and turn better than it ever has.

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