Commerce and a Trophy: A quick update

As of today Garage Dusty has a store. I’ll upload a couple of products over the next week or so, so if you’re keen on anything keep checking it out. The shirt above is up and available right now, and the plan is to have another 2 shirts up soon. Hopefully a hoodie and a crew neck too. Just a heads up – as I’m never going to sell much of anything I can’t really keep stock on hand so this stuff is made as you order and is shipped from the manufacturer. I’m totally in their hands in terms of shipping times, costs, etc. Everything is as cheap as they’ll let me sell it. More expensive than I’d like but you know, economies of scale and all that.

If you do make an order, send me confirmation to ygoslo7 @ (no spaces of course) and I’ll ship you a sticker free of charge. Because I feel bad about how much stuff costs.

The store is at

Also, in much less expensive news, I won my class at the motorkhana the other weekend! First class win after only 3 events is great IMO, and a real motivator to keep going and keep getting better. I;m obviously on the right path, so  let’s see how far I can go with this!

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