Mmmmm, Lumpy: New cams for the AE86

I was going through looking for a rollcage when I accidentally bought these:

They’re HKS 264° cams with 8.1mm lift on the intake and 8.35mm lift on the exhaust. With 8.35mm being apparently as big as you can go on the 16v 4AGE without changing springs etc, these should be reasonably aggressive for drop-in cams.

Like I said, the purchase was a bit of an accident. I was planning to do cams, but a little bit further down the track. Looks like the plans have come forward now!

The genuine article…

With these in and a few other sneaky bits too (coming soon) I am hoping that the car should really wake up. I want to do tarmac events this year, so figured with a bit more power to play with the car should be a bit more fun to drive in hillclimbs, at Winton etc. As soon as my other parts arrive I’ll set about getting these in and dialed. Can’t wait to get cracking on it!

I honestly have no idea how much power to expect, but I know it’ll be more than I have now!

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