2012 VicDrift Winton Matsuri: Day 1

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? This was another huge event. A great atmosphere, well organised, awesome driving and some great cars.

I know I’d normally give a little running commentary with my photos but there are just way too many this time for me to do that! First time as official media at an event so I was out learning the best vantage points, shutter speeds etc. I think I got some good stuff, hope you like it. If you were driving at the event and don’t see yourself here, leave me a comment with the car/number and I’ll see what I have.

Click the pics to view in full size and enjoy. Day 2 pics coming Thursday hopefully – editing and uploading these when I have downtime from working on the 86…























Like I said, more coming soon. If you like the pics, share the post far and wide! Use the buttons below to post to your facebook, twitter or whatever, or share the link on your forum of choice. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “2012 VicDrift Winton Matsuri: Day 1

  1. awesome photo so glad you got one of me ! and their definitely worth keeping all quality photos,
    if you have any more can you please post them up or email them to me


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